Health Benefits of Walnuts !

Walnuts are known for their amazing effects on the brain, heart & the body, but it provides supreme benefits to the skin. Walnuts in their different forms directly affect the skin and fulfill all your dreams of having a flawless & marks free skin which can be seen glowing from far away.

Add walnuts to your diet and having a skin people get jealous of. There are different ways apart from eating walnuts, for having a whiter & brighter skin.

Walnut Face Pack– This wonder face pack is made by taking 3 to 4 walnuts, a half spoon of honey & oatmeal, few drops of wheat gram oil. Add a tablespoon of yoghurt which will help the powder turn into a thick paste. Apply this wonder pack onto your face, for a wrinkle free and supple skin.  For even better results use this wonder pack three times a week. 

Walnuts And Strawberry: strawberries are a blessing for oily and acne prone skin. The juice of this red beautiful fruit is even better for lightening the skin and almost vanish the blemishes. Be it acne or pimple blemishes or accidental blemishes! Now, grind few walnuts for turning into a paste, extract the pulp of strawberry out of it, also you need a tablespoon of honey! Put all these ingredients into a clean bowl and stir all of them well. Apply this cool pack on your face and see your acnes calming down and giving you a soothing effect.

In hot weather our skin looks nothing less than a dog tired one! To bring back the beauty and refreshness into the skin add up the following ingredients together and apply it every now and then. Papaya’s pulp, blended fine paste of walnut, a pinch of turmeric and a tablespoon of honey. Stirring all this well will give you a luminous paste which will make your skin even more luminous and dirt and germ free!

Honey is always a part of good packs because of its property of providing effortless smoothness to the skin. So, 3 to 4 tablespoons of pulp of new fresh bananas, and a spoon of honey and fine walnut paste and mix them well to have a face pack that can change your skin into something you never thought! Adding lemon to it is optional as it encourages skin whitening. Apply this pack, let it dry and rub it off after15 to 20 minutes with normal water. 

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