Dry Fruits With Honey

Dry fruits itself is a type of food item that nourishes and nurtures a person from inside out ! Dry fruits and nuts like cashews, almonds, dried grapes (raisins), pecans and more are amazingly healthy because they benefit every body part of the human.There is nothing that is not benefited by consuming dry fruits and  nuts on a daily basis.

Moreover it is often noted that people consume nuts and dry fruits along with even more nutritious food that is HONEY. Honey is something that is mostly topped on various dishes to add a flavor that incomparable to any other. It is a natural sweetener good for every one even for the diabetic patients. This natural sweetener is not only harmless but rather provided benefits which are unparallel. 

Nuts themselves are notably high on fiber, proteins and vitamins when fused up with honey, increase not only the taste but also the advantages. Honey needs to be discussed separately to know how great and important it is and how it accelerates the growth of a person by consuming nuts and dry fruits by dipping or roasting them in and with honey respectively. Antioxidants in honey, a natural sweetener prevent diseases related to heart and prevent cancers of different type. Long shelf life of honey is because of its anti bacterial properties make it an anti fungal and anti bacterial making the immunity of the consumer stronger and better. Frequent complaints of bad throat and irritation in the throat are corrected by consuming honey in different forms like coating of nuts and dry fruits. Weight loss and stamina are some of those advantages which are taken from consumption of honey. 

Athletes and sports persons add honey to their food to have a better approach and energy for their work and sport. Honey is definitely sweet but what astonishes people is the appropriate level and balance of fructose and glucose that helps in regularity of blood sugar levels. Healing or curing of wounds and burns: Applying honey on the burned or the wounds heals the wound from within as it is amazingly effective by the drying of simple sugars in the honey is what actually fills the wound. Weight management is one more area that honey works on. If adding this wonder like honey to warm water and drinking this water every day in the morning benefits the metabolism and helps in weight loss so imagine how much it will give if consumed along with the already nutritious nuts and dry fruits ! 

If honey alone is so beneficial imagine how good it will be if it is added up with the amazing and super good nuts.
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