Cashew Kernels W240 2000 Gm [3 Pack]


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One of the top benefits of cashew nuts is for bones.

Provides needed nutrients for bone growth: It has many minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and etc required for your healthy growth as well as development of the bones among women, men and kids.
Enhances calcium absorption: In general, good magnesium level in your body also boosts the level of calcium absorption by your bones.
Improves bone density: Its good calcium and magnesium level and high level proteins helps in making your strong bone structure.
Maintains bone flexibility: Generally, high copper level aids in maintaining the flexibility of your bones and joints. It improves the functioning of an enzyme that combines the elastin and collagen, thus providing flexibility to the joints and bones.
Prevents from bone deformity: Typically, vitamin K found in this nut aids in keeping the healthy bones by calcifying your bones, thus preventing from osteoporosis as well as skeletal deformation.

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