Cashew Kernels W240 1000 Gm


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Cashew nut is added in the list of great foods thanks to enormous nutritive values.One of the top benefits of cashew nuts is to prevent cancer.

Fights with tumor: This nut contains a most important substance known Proanthocyanidin (flavonols) that has ability to combat against tumor cells by ending their growth and division.
Prevents from cancer: The proanthocyanidins are compound containing high copper content that helps in combating with the cancerous cells. Plus, it inhibits from the various cancers such as cancer of prostate, colon, and etc.
Rich source of antioxidants: This nut decreases the occurrence of cancer to one great level as it contains antioxidants like selenium as well as vitamin E which restricts the free radical oxidation in your body and enhances the immunity.
Fights with infection: It contains high level of zinc which helps to combat from various infections.
Restrain tumor cells growth: General speaking, vitamin K discovered in the nuts has ability to restrain the tumor cells growth. Also, it helps in the prevention of liver cancer and cirrhosis and best treatment of the liver cancer and cirrhosis.

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