Cashew Kernels W180 500 Gm


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Healthy and energetic: It works as an instant energy supporter; make pregnant women feel fuller for long. It is also best snacks in between their meals.
Lessens tissue damage: It’s the excellent source of vitamin C, one powerful antioxidant which reduces the ageing process and lowers tissue damage during pregnancy.
Lowers fear of stretch marks: Cashew nut aids in rejuvenating your skin and inhibits the occurrence of stretch marks in the times of pregnancy.
Manages high blood pressure: Cashew nut has monounsaturated fats that help in managing and preventing hypertension among pregnant women.
Combats all health challenges: This nut helps to fight with many health challenges during pregnancy.
Maintains weight: It assists the obese pregnant females in decreasing the bad fats by raising the good fats level in their body.
Decreases risk of heart problems: Particularly, its high magnesium level inhibits pregnant females from the heart diseases.
Prevents from anemia: It aids in controlling the iron level of your body during pregnancy, thereby preventing the occurrence of anemia.
Keeps skin and hair healthy: Cashew nut improves the skin and hair quality among pregnant women.

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