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Always looking for the food that is delicious to the mouthgood to the health and harmless to the weight of the body, the search is over ! Nutsgram are here to fulfill all your wishes. Dry fruits and nuts are almost an addiction to the mouth, amazingly nutritious and do not contribute in unnecessary weight gain.

When you cannot always eat green vegetables and pick only fruits which are protein rich because protein is the best and the most needed nutrient for the human body. These nuts and dry fruits are savior for us in a world full of junk food where one is confused what to have that is tasty and beneficial at the same time.

An ounce of Almonds a day contains half a dozen grams of protein which is almost 13 percent of what men and women need in a diet. This much amount of protein extraction only from a handful of almonds is something we always wished for !

Howsoever, walnuts leave behind almonds in the content of protein by containing 7 grams of proteins in just one ounce of walnuts. Walnuts are really good source of protein and are a messiah for good growth of brain and a glowing skin. Walnuts and almonds are the most commonly consumed and the most multi purposed ones. Pistachios, on the other hand are no less in protein content. But, a big no to salty pistachios because intake of lot of pistachios do nothing but add on to the increasing levels of the blood pressure and allergies. This fact of pistachios makes it a nut which can be consumed only in a certain fixed amount and not to satisfy your hunger or turn into an addiction.

Nuts like cashew nutswalnutshazelnuts and more are rich in protein and fats. Often when people hear about fats in a food, they try to avoid it but less of their knowledge is that the fats in these nuts and dry fruits are the good ones which benefit the body. Nuts anyhow never help the body increase weight, it rather fills the appetite of the body and prevents a person from consuming tits bits if junk which we eat apart from the meals we have. Grabbing a few nuts, keeping them in the pocket are good for you and give you the benefit of number of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium ! The power of proteins, helps in repairing of tissues, making hormones and enzymes and building up of the muscle and bones in the body.

Dry fruits are dried form of fresh fruits when the water content in them is removed by evaporation. The remaining would be pulp of the fruit, where the essential nutrients would be still intact and become concentrated. Dry fruits are great source of high energy and fibers and should be consumed in moderate with other foods as taste additives. 

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