Health Benefits of Cashews

As every other nuts and dry fruits, Cashew Nuts also come along with ample of benefits. It is not only a healthy nut but also a delicious one.

Kaju Barfi is one of the most loved form of cashews, especially in India where people are great enthusiasts of sweets. Moreover, what is bad in having a sweet that is amazingly beneficial for the body?

Like many other nuts and dry fruits cashews serve by protecting us from some common diseases like heart, blood pressure and bones. Apart from these there are number of advantages :

Cashews comprise of copper which increase the amount of iron in our body and prevent anemia, condition which causes body aches, low energy levels, insomnia, frequent feeling of dizziness and restlessness etc. Consumption of cashews nuts provides us with the required copper and helps us grow keeping away any disease related to blood.

What distinguishes cashew nuts from other nuts and dry fruits is its capacity to prevent gallstones, that is prevention of presence of solid substances in the gall bladder. Cashew nuts make the probability of stone in the gall bladder, almost 0.

Cashews work well for the skin of a person. Raw cashews undoubtedly affect the skin and help it glow because of their richness in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.

A fast metabolism is the root cause of balanced weight as it aids a burn of calories. Cashew nuts are a store house of omega 3 fatty acids. Eating raw cashews without any toppings like salt of any kind fills you for a longer time therefore helping weight loss.

Cashew nuts make vision stronger and better. Cashews especially protect eyes from cataract in the old age and any light damage which might even cause blindness. Regular intake of cashews can help you live longer and free from problems.

The most engaging fact about cashews is the ability to prevent from Cancer. Flavanols in cashew nuts destroy the cancerous cells in the body and kill tumors in the body. 

A sudden hike in your energy levels can be resulted in if there is consumption of cashew nuts in your daily diet. Cashews have thiamine in them which help transform the sugar in the body into energy. This tremendously increases the energy levels. Along with boosting energy cashews also act as an anti depressant. Eating cashew nuts work as a substitute for eating pills to curb depression.

Cashews not only make you look good but also balance the functioning of your internal system. A blend of magnesium and calcium in the cashews help strengthen the bones and make you go a long way. 

Blood clotting is an important process that is conducted by the body in the presence of adequate vitamin-K. Cashew nuts have a considerable amount of vitamin K that help blood clotting, a process which avoids abnormal blood loss during injuries of any type.

Cashews one of the salubrious nuts and grab & go kind of a snack is a must for a healthy and beautiful life!

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